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Welcome to the Freiburg Academy for Young Musicians

The Freiburg Academy for Young Musicians (FAB), headed by Prof. Christoph Sischka, offers top-notch pre-degree courses for highly talented young musicians aged 12 or older. Instruction in the learner's major field is supplemented by foundation courses in ear training (Solfège) and music theory (Partimento) and accompanied by rhythm training and body work as well as vocal training and voice. Moreover, the academy organizes yearly Master Classes for Young Talents, providing aspiring young musicians the opportunity to come into contact with the instructors of the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg.

A practice which has become common in other countries is now offered in Freiburg: Highly talented young pupils come to the Hochschule für Musik each Friday afternoon during the semester to take musical foundation courses. The pupils find ample opportunities to meet other young musicians and come into contact with potential chamber music partners. Approximately 20 pupils currently receive intensive instruction and guidance from 17 full-time instructors, 7 adjunct instructors, and 15 tutors.