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Welcome to Freiburg University of Music

In the heart of Europe

Located in the heart of Europe near the borders shared by Germany, France and Switzerland, the Hochschule für Musik (University of Music) in Freiburg is recognized as one of Europe´s best high-level training centres for the entire range of the traditional music professions.

The Hochschule and the beautiful city of Freiburg offer impressive resources to students and performers. The University of Music presents over 450 public concerts, operas and recitals; perfomances given by the orchestras, choirs and ensembles are often praised for their high artistic level. 

In addition, an Opera Theater, the SWR Symphony Orchestra, the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, several professional contemporary music ensembles, and a large number of amateur orchestras and choirs enrich the musical landscape of the city. The library and the library of the New Music Institute are located within in the building, while the librairies of the Albert Ludwig University are nearby.

Die deutschen Musikhochschulen
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