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Hygiene concept for concerts

Dear visitor,

we are very pleased to announce that we will be able to organize concerts at the Freiburg University of Music again in the winter semester 2020/2021.

The prerequisite for this was a hygiene concept that, in addition to the low-risk staging of concerts, would also ensure the safe continuation of teaching activities.

We are very fortunate to have our own institute, the Freiburg Institute for Musicians’ Medicine, which has been conducting research into the risk of infection with the corona virus during music-making since the beginning of the pandemic. Thus, we were able to obtain advice from our own experts when working out our hygiene concept.

We would like to ask for your understanding for our measures. Please support us by adhering strictly to our rules.

Our students and teachers are thrilled to be playing for you again. We wish you a great concert visit!

Freiburg University of Music

1 Being healthy

You are not allowed to attend our concerts if you have one of the typical symptoms of an infection with the corona virus:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • disturbance of the sense of taste or smell

Furthermore, you are not allowed to attend our concerts if you are or have been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus and not 14 days have passed since the last contact.

We will refund your ticket if you are not allowed to attend one of our concerts for one of these reasons.

2 Provide data

According to the corona regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg we are obliged to collect your data during concerts. This is to ensure that you can be informed in case of an increased risk of infection.

To be recorded: First and last name, address, date and period of attendance and telephone number.

You can shorten your waiting time at the entrance if you fill out this form in advance and bring it to the concert.

3 Put on mask

At Freiburg University of Music, it is compulsory to wear a medical mouth/nose mask. Please keep your mask on in the concert hall as well.

You are not allowed to enter the University of Music without a mask.

4 Disinfect hands

Please disinfect your hands when entering the university. Disinfectant dispensers are available directly at the entrance.

5 Keeping distance

Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people in the university, especially in narrow areas such as the entrances or sanitary facilities.

In the venues we guarantee the minimum distance by seats that are far away from each other. We kindly ask you

  • to sit exclusively in the seat indicated on your card
  • to use a double seat with only one person from the same household as you.

Please understand that our security service may assign you a different seat.

6 Avoid crowds

The Hochschule opens to the public 30 minutes before the concert begins. Concerts in the Kammermusiksaal are admitted via the rear entrance near Runzstraße.

Upon entering the university, we ask that you go directly to your seat in the concert hall and stay there until the end of the concert. Please take your clothes with you into the hall.

After the concert all exits will be opened. Please leave the university directly after the concert via the nearest exit.

It is possible that you will be in an area that is physically separated from the university's teaching activities. In this case please stay within the marked area.

Of course, you may use the sanitary facilities despite this rule.

7 Specify concert attendance

If you fall ill with Covid-19 within 14 days after your concert, please inform the health authorities about your concert visit.

In this way, you will enable the other concertgoers to be informed of an increased risk of infection.

Die deutschen Musikhochschulen