Master of Music – Church Music

A four-semester program for graduates of a bachelor program


Prof. Matthias Maierhofer (Organ)
Prof. David Franke (Organ and Improvisation)
Stephan Kreutz (Liturgical Organ playing)
Jörg Josef Schwab (Liturgical Organ playing)
Prof. Frank Markowitsch (Choral Conducting)
Haek-Kyung Jung (Conducting of children's choirs)
Hon.-Prof. Boris Böhmann (Conducting of children's choirs)
Christoph Schäfer (Hymnology)
Andreas Liebig (Orgelstilkunde)
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Meinrad Walter (Liturgical Studies)
Prof. Dr. Reiner Marquard (Protestant Theology)


Major field lessons in Organ, Conducting, Voice, Conducting Children's Choirs (choral conducting), Theology, Ear Training, Music Theory, elective modules (essential), Musicology, Music Education, Musicians' Medicine, elective modules

Special Information

Degree Plans and Study Regulations

Application Deadlines

Entrance examination for summer semester: 1 December
 Entrance examination for winter semester: 1 April
 Registration fee: 50 €

Tuition and Fees

enrollment/registration fees and student activity fees

Formal Requirements for the Entrance Examination

Notes on entrance examination

The application deadline is generally 1 April for each winter semester and 1 December for each summer semester. The date of receipt counts.

Artistic Requirement for the Entrance Examination

The examination commission selects the pieces to be performed from the applicant’s list of examination pieces. The commission may interrupt the performance of a piece at any time due to time constraints.
 Assessment criteria: artistic interpretation, accurate rendering of the piece, technical ability, and a choice of pieces which corresponds to the applicant's own ability. Foreign students will also be assessed for sufficient knowledge of German.

Major field examination in organ, approx. 20 minutes

  • Performance of organ works in four different styles, including one by J.S. Bach, one from the Romantic Period, and one written after 1930.

Improvisation/liturgical organ playing, approx. 10 minutes

  • Three comparative treatments of a given hymn in various forms.

Major field examination in conducting, approx. 40 minutes

  • Rehearsal work with an ensemble of the Hochschule für Musik: the applicant receives the task at least one week before the examination. The applicant must state in the application form whether the examination is taken in choral conducting or orchestral conducting.

Field-specific ear-training test

  • Intervals, chords and chord combinations, rhythm/meter
  • Tasks from the field of score playing and score grasping (recognizing to intonation and errors)

Voice or piano or historical keyboard instruments

(Please indicate which area has been selected in registering)

  •  Performance of two songs of differing character (please bring music for the accompanist)

More information about the entrance exam:
Detailed and legally binding information can be found in the Matriculation Regulations (in German)

Further Information in German

study and examination regulations Master Church Music
Annex to the examination regulations Master Church Music
      (Start of studies before winter semester 2019/20)
Annex to the examination regulations Master Church Music
      (Start of studies from winter semester 2019/20)