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Bachelor of Music

At the Freiburg University of Music, first-year students can complete an 8-semester Bachelor's degree course. Depending on the main subject, the course offers an artistic and/or artistic-pedagogical profile.

Please note that some information may only be available in German.

Major Fields

Here you will find subject-specific information (info sheets, study plans, elective modules) for the individual main subjects.

BassoonOrchestral Conducting
Choral ConductingOrgan
Clarinet Percussion
Elementary-Level Music EducationSaxophone
French HornTrumpet
Harpsichord and FortepianoViolin
Music TheoryVoice

Minor Fields

Starting in 2019, students enrolled in the artistic and artistic-pedagogic Bachelor can choose Minor-Subjects. After an in-house entry examination, the chosen field is studied additionally to the major field beginning in the third semester. A student typically gains 40 ECTS in their minor field.

The following subjects can be studied as minor fields (field-specific information is only available in german)
Ear Training
Music Physiology
Music Theory

Further Information on the study programme

Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor Degree Music (in German)
Supplement for the Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor Degree Music (in German)
module manual optional modules (in German)

Application Deadlines

Entrance examination for summer semester: 1st December
Entrance examination for winter semester: 1st April
Registration fee: 50 €

Tuition and Fees

enrollment/registration fees and student activity fees

Formal Requirements for the Entrance Examination

Notes on entrance examination

The application deadline is generally 1 April for each winter semester and 1 December for each summer semester. The date of receipt counts.


Artistic Requirements for the Entrance Examination

  1. Major field examination, Duration: approx. 15 minutes (exceptions: Composition, Conducting):
    As a rule, three or four pieces in various styles and, if required, one etude (e.g. major field Piano: four pieces and one etude). Field-specific information may be found in the appendix to the Matriculation Regulations (download on this page).
    The examination commission selects the pieces to be performed from the applicant’s list of examination pieces. The commission may interrupt the performance of a piece at any time due to time constraints.
  2. Piano as required field, approx. 10 minutes (for students whose major field is not Guitar, Lute, Harpsichord/Fortepiano, or Accordion): Two piano compositions in various styles
  3. Ear training and theory: See
    Practice Theory Test (in German) and
    Melodic Dictation (in German)
    Legally binding information can be found in the Matriculation Regulations (download from this page) (in German)
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