Musikhochschule Freiburg


Teaching staff

Prof. Božo Paradžik
Joachim Fleck (orchestral studies)
Song Choi (Methodology)

Courses of study available

Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Concert Exam

Bachelor of Music

Principal subjects in artistic and artistic-pedagogic profile

  • Main subject lessons, orchestra, chamber music, orchestral studies, theory/ear training/musicology, elective modules

Supplementary subjects in artistic-pedagogic profile

  • Methodology/didactics, music education, written project

degree course curriculum artistic profile (Mono-Bachelor/Major-Minor) (in german)
modules, artistic profile (in german)

graphical degree course curriculum artistic-pedagogic profile (Mono-Bachelor/Major-Minor) (in german)
modules, artistic-pedagogic profile (in german)

Master of Music

degree course curriculum (in german)
module manual (in german)

Concert exam

Study and examination regulations (in german)
degree course curriculum (in german)
graphical degree course curriculum (in german)

Notes on the entrance exams