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Historical Performance Practice

Teaching staff

Hans Aerts (Music Theory)
Pol Centelles (Baroque Basson)
Michael Behringer (Basso Continuo)
Ann-Kathrin Brüggemann (Baroque Oboe)
Christoph Dangel (Baroque Cello)
Prof. Dr. Felix Diergarten (Music Theory und Musicology)
Prof. Agnes Dorwarth (Recorder)
Prof. David Franke (Organ/Organ Improvisation)
Prof. Gottfried von der Goltz (Baroque Violin)
Klara Hayward (Historic Composition)
Moritz Heffter (Music Theory)
Prof. Dr. Robert Hill (Historic Keyboard Instruments)
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Holtmeier (Historic Composition)
Prof. Karl Kaiser (Transverse Flute)
Isabel Lehmann (Recorder)
Martin Müller (Harpsichord)
Prof. Hardy Rittner (Piano/Fortepiano)
Geerten Rooze (Baroque Trumpet)

Available course of study

Master of Music after a recognised Bachelor's degree, Concert exam

Master of Music

Principal subjects: Main subject lessons, historical performance practice, ensemble, Basso Continuo, elective module musicology/music theory, elective modules, master's project

degree course curriculum, melody instruments (in German)
modules, melody instruments (in German)
degree course curriculum Harpsichord/Fortepiano  (in German)
modules, Harpsichord/Fortepiano (in German)
degree course curriculum, Basso Continuo  (in German)
modules Basso Continuo (in German)

Concert exam

study regulations (in German)
degree course curriculum Cembalo/Fortepiano, Lute (in German)

Notes on the entrance exams

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