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Freiburg Opera Studio

The Hochschule für Musik Freiburg and the Theater Freiburg offer a four-semester postgraduate course Freiburg Opera Studio. It gives especially talented young singers the chance to gather their first professional experience at a German opera house while at the same time perfecting their technical abilities at a renowned tertiary institution. It pursues the innovative concept of combining professional work with a modern university education tailored to the individual needs of students.

The Freiburg Opera Studio constitutes an exclusive focus within the course Konzertexamen/Meisterklasse at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, and is designed for outstanding vocal students holding a master's degree. In exceptional cases, students with a bachelor's degree can be admitted if they show promise of exceptional artistic develompent.

The students of the Freiburg Opera Studio receive a scholarship from Freiburg University of Music.


The goal of the Freiburg Opera Studio is to prepare advanced vocal students specifically for an opera career. It will provide the singers with their first experience of working as part of a professional opera ensemble or opera company; in parallel, in their studies at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, the individual needs of the different students will be addressed and the curriculum will be treated flexibly to respond to their personal strengths and weaknesses.

While tuition will take place primarily at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg during the first semester, they will gradually be integrated into the daily routine at an opera house. Full absorption of students into the training structure of the Theater Freiburg will take place every 1 March; from that point on, they will receive a monthly support of 800 euros from the theatre. The second semester will roughly line up with the season times of the Theater Freiburg, and the third and fourth semesters even more so. Here the young singers will rehearse principal roles and have the chance to appear in productions, at the same time receiving comprehensive coaching and advice from the theatre management.


Students of the Freiburg Opera Studio will receive a scholarship from the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, meaning that they will not actually have to pay tuition fees.

Students who choose the study area Freiburg Opera Studio will be enrolled at the University of Music and will meet with vocal professors of the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg for one supervision per week. This session can either take the form of traditional vocal tuition or different forms of coaching, rehearsal assistance, theatrical work etc. The aim is for the professors of the Hochschule to provide vocal supervision based on a fundamental acceptance of the advanced students as singers in their own right, and whose concrete form is developed in conversation with the respective students. During the first semester, the responsible examining body will decide which further tasks are required of the students.


  • Guidance and coaching from professors at Freiburg University of Music
  • Individualized course schemes
  • Support from the artistic management office in preparing for auditions and career advice at the Theater Freiburg for the time after completion of the course
  • Audition training: choice of repertoire, provision of concrete theatre experience through internal auditions (one per semester) at the Theater Freiburg in cooperation with the supervising vocal teachers at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg
  • Rehearsing principal roles in coordination with the management team of the theatre
  • Consultations with the theatre’s music director and director of studies at least once per semester
  • Covering and rehearsing principal roles from the repertoire of the Theater Freiburg
  • Appearances in minor roles, and potentially medium and principal roles depending on ability and opportunities, and / or
  • Participation in a gala concert at the theatre with orchestra and / or
  • A song recital at the Theater Freiburg or the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg
  • A scholarship to cover the regular tuition fees
  • A monthly support of 900 euros (starting 1 September 2020, for a total of 24 months)

Further General Information on the Study Programme

Study and examination regulations for the Konzertexamen/Meisterklasse course of study (German)

Appendix 1b to the Study and Examination Regulations for the Concert Examination/Master Class Course of Studies (German)

Application Deadlines

Exception: Application for the winter semester 2020/2021 possible until 13 December 2019.

Entrance exams will take place on 17 and 18 February 2020.

Registration fee: 50 €


Students of the Konzertexamen/Meisterklasse with a focus on the Freiburg Opera Studio receive a scholarship from the Freiburg University of Music in the amount of the regular tuition fees.

Statutes on the levying of tuition fees (German).

Artistic requirements for the Entrance exams

Main Subject Examination

  • Presentation of various works from an list of 10 prepared pieces of various styles including at least 5 opera arias in at least three different languages and at least one complete opera part.

The examination board selects the works to be performed by the applicant from the list of examination works. Due to time constraints, the commission may interrupt the performance of a work. The evaluation criteria are artistic imagination, faithfulness to the work, technical ability and a selection of the examination works appropriate to the candidate's own ability.

Legally binding information in the matriculation statutes (German)

Notes on the entrance exam and the registration

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