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Around Re-Registration and Fees

Attention: From winter semester 23/24 new deadlines and increase of tuition fees

Re-Registration procedure

Dear students,

the re-registration of the coming semester will be effected exclusively by bank transfer.

Below you will find a clear and precise description of how you can make this transfer (naturally also using your personal online banking system). Please be sure to state the correct cash reference number, your own matriculation number and your full surname and first name.

It is in your and our common interest that this re-registration for the upcoming semester is as error-free as possible.

Best wishes!
Michaela Wehrle, Karsten Schöning and the team of the Student Administration Office 2

P. S.: As of summer semester 2021, the use of your university e-mail address is binding for you! This is the e-mail address you already use for the GLAREAN learning platform. Under "Settings" and "Forwarding" of the webmail interface you can redirect incoming mails to your personal mail account. From 1 April 2021 onwards, the university administration will contact you via your university e-mail address without exception.

Re-registration and payment request

Request for re-registration and payment to students of the Freiburg University of Music

Students who wish to continue their studies at the Freiburg University of Music in the coming semester must re-register. Re-registration is effected by paying the following fees within the re-registration period:

Semester fee for the Studierendenwerk103,00 EUR
Contribution to administrative costs70,00 EUR
Contribution for the written student body (AStA)17,00 EUR
 190,00 EUR
Students on leave of absence pay only143,00 EUR

Attention! Online re-registration is not possible. Please make a bank transfer and provide all the following information:

PayeeLOK B-W / Hochschule für Musik Freiburg
IBANDE02 6005 0101 7495 5301 02
Intended useKassenzeichen 1981660004444, your own matriculation number, your last name, your first name

Without the above mentioned cash reference number (Kassenzeichen), your matriculation number and your full name as intended yuse, your payment cannot be assigned and will be returned immediately!

You can print out your matriculation certificates for the coming semester  after you have re-registered. Please make sure that you transfer the money a few days before the deadline so that no reminder fees are charged.

The new validity date can then be printed on the MH-Card at the validation terminal in the foyer.

Re-registration / Leave of Absence

The deadlines for re-registration for a coming winter semester are always from 01.06. to 01.07. and for a coming summer semester from 01.01. to 01.02.

Two steps are necessary for re-registration:

  • Transfer of the total amount of (new!) 190,00 €

Please note:

  • Applications for changes of course or teacher must be submitted as part of the re-registration process. Applications for leave of absence for the following semester must also be submitted during the re-registration period. Please enclose appropriate proof of the reasons for the leave of absence with your application! In your own interest, please submit your application as early as possible.
  • BM students must choose an elective module for the 6th semester! Applications are only possible within the scope of re-registration.

Change of address, telephone number and name

Please enter changes to your personal data immediately in your student account in the Student Portal.


(in case of change of university or termination of studies)

The de-registration must be applied for with this form within the re-registration period. You also need a certificate of discharge from the library.

Semester and Tuition Fees

Semester Fee

As of the summer semester 2012, no general tuition fees will be charged for Bachelor's and Master's programmes and school music.

For the "Concert examination/master class" course of study, fees under private law of EUR 1,000 per semester will continue to be charged.

For enrolment and re-registration, a fee of 190 EUR per semester is currently charged (as of March 2023). This amount is made up as follows:

The student union fee of currently 103 EUR from all students. The contribution towards administrative costs, currently EUR 70 from all students, except ERASMUS students from abroad and exchange students from universities with which the Freiburg University of Music has a partnership agreement. The contribution of 17 EUR for the student parliament.

For first semester students an additional deposit of 10 EUR is required for the issue of the student card.

For students on leave of absence, part of the student union fee is waived. For already approved leave of absence, therefore, an amount of only 162 EUR is due.

ERASMUS and partnership students do not pay the student union fee. They have to pay an amount of 120 EUR.

Tuition fees

On 3 May 2017, the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg passed the law amending the State Higher Education Tuition Act. This creates the legal basis for the introduction of tuition fees for international students and second degree students as of the winter semester 2017/2018.

Tuition fees for international students

International students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA member state must pay tuition fees of 1,500 euros per semester. This regulation applies to Bachelor's, Master's and “Staatsexamen” degree programmes. Students enrolled in a degree programme, which started before the winter semester 2017/2018 are exempt from the fees.

Tuition fees for a second degree course

Students who take up a second or further course of study in an undergraduate programme (Bachelor's or “Staatsexamen” Programme) or in a second or further consecutive Master's programme following a university course completed in the Federal Republic of Germany must pay fees of 650 euros per semester. Students enrolled in a degree programme, which started before the winter semester 2017/2018 are exempt from the fees.

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