Musikhochschule Freiburg

Recording Studio


Johannes Müller

Tel.: 0761/ 31915-55

Tutor: Maximilian Kutsche

The sound engineer and the recording studio of the Freiburg University of Music serve the artistic education of the students as well as the artistic-technical supervision and documentation of university events within the framework of the available capacities.

For this purpose, extensive technical equipment is available for the realisation of sound and video productions.

Members of the University have the opportunity to make audio and video recordings with the sound engineer under professional conditions. For this purpose, an early application is necessary, stating the purpose, the scope, the cast and a desired recording date. The application should be sent to the Tonmeister by email or internal mail and can be obtained here.

Please understand that not all requests can be considered, as space and time capacities are limited.

In addition, mobile recording sets that can be borrowed supplement the existing offer and can be used independently by all members of the university. If you are interested or have questions, please contact the head of the recording studio.

Please note the following information: