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Standing Members of the Senate

  • Rector Prof. Dr. Ludwig Holtmeier as Chairman
  • Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Claudia Spahn as deputy Chairman
  • Vice-Rector Prof. Christoph Sischka
  • Chancellor Dr. Dominik Skala
  • Equal Opportunity Officer Prof. Regina Kabis-Elsner

Elected Members of the Senat

  • Prof. Dr. Hans Aerts, for professors
  • Prof. Dr. Thade Buchborn, for professors
  • Rebecca Chazarenc, for students
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Diergarten, for professors
  • Prof. David Franke, for professors
  • Prof. Konrad Georgi, for professors
  • Prof. Michael Hampel, for professors
  • Prof. Kilian Herold, for professors
  • Susann Junker, for non-academic staff
  • Katharina Kegler, for academic staff
  • Gabriele Kniesel, for academic staff
  • Prof. Katharina Kutsch, for professors
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lessing, for professors
  • Prof. Helmut Lörscher, for professors
  • Prof. Gilead Mishory, for professors
  • Noah Ruoff, for students
  • Prof. Scott Sandmeier, for professors
  • Prof. Camille Savage-Kroll, for professors
  • Ramon Schneeweiß, for non-academic staff
  • Prof. Johannes Schöllhorn, for professors
  • Karsten Schöning, for non-academic staff
  • Prof. Julia Schröder, for professors
  • Prof. Alexander Schulin, for professors
  • Prof. Håkon Stene, for professors
  • Johann Sundermeier, for students
  • Mia Johanna Toivanen, for students
  • Christoph Winker, for academic staff
  • N. N., for doctoral candidates

Sessions of the senate

from 2 to 4 p.m.


Winter semester 2022/2023
19 October 2022
9 November 2022
06 December 2022 + University Council
18 January 2023
15 February 2023

Assistant to the rector and prorectors

Yoko Boyé
Room 214
Tel.: +49 761 31915-49

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