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New Master's program in Electronic Composition

Starting in the winter semester 2019/20, the Institute for New Music is expanding its range of courses with a new Master's program in Electronic Composition.

The emphasis of the work is on individual supervision according to the personal needs of the students. The resulting compositions can show a broad spectrum of art forms - from live electronics and acousmatics to sound installations, performances, kinetic art, etc.

The Studio for Electronic Music is equipped with the latest audio software (PureData, MAX/Msp, Cubase etc.), reference class hardware (RME, Genelec, MeyerSound, Neumann etc.) and various physical computing platforms.

There is a close cooperation with the instrumental/vocal classes and all departments of the university. In addition, there are numerous partners outside the university on a local, national and international level who, in addition to artistic-aesthetic discussions, also open up a multitude of presentation possibilities for students.

The programme is supervised by Alexander Grebtschenko with the support of Marie-Luise Calvero.

Foto: Marie-Luise Calvero

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