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Institute for New Music

The Institute for New Music is dedicated to the development, creation and realisation of new and contemporary music. It offers a broad education and research programme for composition as well as instrumental students with a focus on New Music.

The programme includes both instrumental and electronic composition. The Electronic Studio is equipped with the latest technology for the production and realisation of various types of electronic music as well as multimedia projects and installations.

The programme is complemented by a Master's in Interpretation of New Music (instrumental+vocal) and a Master's in Interpretation of New Piano Music with chamber music, ensemble playing, cooperation with external partners, especially Ensemble Recherche and Ensemble Aventure, and joint projects with composers.

The Institute presents its work to the public in a variety of formats. The Institute's concerts are realised by the Ensemble Particles of the Institute for New Music and in many other formations, from chamber music to large orchestra. Here, the works of the students as well as new and newest works of the repertoire are presented.

Numerous guests (composers and interpreters) enrich the programme through concerts, courses and workshops, and thanks to important collaborations with partners inside and outside the university, students and audiences are provided with a wide range of opportunities for experience and performance.




Scores by composition students



The Institute for New Music was founded in 1964 by Wolfgang Fortner, who directed it until 1973. He was followed by Klaus Huber (1973-1990), Mathias Spahlinger (1990-2009) and Cornelius Schwehr (2009-2017). Johannes Schöllhorn has been director of the institute since 2017.

The main focus of the training was Instrumental Composition, in the years 2011 to 2017 it was also possible to study  Film Music Composition. Currently, there are the degree programmes Instrumental and Electronic Composition, as well as Master Interpretation New Music (instrumental+vocal) and New Piano Music.

Other composition teachers were Brian Ferneyhough and Emmanuel Nunes as well as Mesías Maiguashca and Orm Finnendahl as specialists in electronic music. Currently teaching also Brice Pauset (for Instrumental Composition), Alexander Grebtschenko (Electronic Composition), Friederike Scheunchen (Master Interpretation New Music) and Alfonso Gómez (Master Interpretation New Piano Music).

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