Opéra TriNational

The project “OpéraTriNational” was launched in the  autumn of 2019  as a collaboration between the opera studios of the Theater Basel, the Opéra National du Rhin and the Theater Freiburg in close cooperation with the conservatories in Basel and Strasbourg and under the direction of the Institute for Music Theater Freiburg.

"Opéra TriNational" is a project within the framework of the Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM for students - BWs plus. The project is financed over 3 years with a sum of 96.000€. Due to limitations in  context of the pandemic it has been extended until 2023.

There has not yet been any long-term cooperation between institutions in the participating countries in the context of opera education, which also integrates other central cultural institutions in the Upper Rhine region. In this respect, the "Opéra TriNational" is a landmark and structure-building contribution that deepenes the relationship between the music academies on the Upper Rhine, thereby strengthening the culturally outstanding profile of the regions of Baden-Württemberg, Alsace and Northwestern Switzerland.

The project consists of various jointly conceived workshops, lively exchanges between the participating institutions, concerts and a collective final project.



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