Ex Officio Members of the Senate

  • Rector Prof. Dr. Ludwig Holtmeier as Chairman
  • Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Claudia Spahn as deputy Chairman
  • Vice-Rector Prof. Christoph Sischka
  • Chancellor Dr. Dominik Skala
  • Equal Opportunity Officer Prof. Regina Kabis-Elsner

Elected Members of the Senat

  • Prof. Dr. Hans Aerts, for professors
  • Prof. Dr. Thade Buchborn, for professors
  • Rebecca Chazarenc, for students
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Diergarten, for professors
  • Prof. David Franke, for professors
  • Prof. Konrad Georgi, for professors
  • Prof. Michael Hampel, for professors
  • Prof. Kilian Herold, for professors
  • Susann Junker, for non-academic staff
  • Katharina Kegler, for academic staff
  • Gabriele Kniesel, for academic staff
  • Prof. Katharina Kutsch, for professors
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lessing, for professors
  • Prof. Helmut Lörscher, for professors
  • Prof. Gilead Mishory, for professors
  • Noah Ruoff, for students
  • Prof. Scott Sandmeier, for professors
  • Prof. Camille Savage-Kroll, for professors
  • Ramon Schneeweiß, for non-academic staff
  • Prof. Johannes Schöllhorn, for professors
  • Karsten Schöning, for non-academic staff
  • Prof. Julia Schröder, for professors
  • Prof. Alexander Schulin, for professors
  • Prof. Håkon Stene, for professors
  • Johann Sundermeier, for students
  • Mia Johanna Toivanen, for students
  • Christoph Winker, for academic staff
  • N. N., for doctoral candidates

Honorary Senators

  • Dr. Volker Maushardt
  • Dr. Dieter Russmann
  • Prof. Johann-Georg Schaarschmidt

Senate Committees

The Senate of the University has established the following standing Senate Committees:

1. Structure and Development Committee

The committee prepares decisions on structural and developmental planning of the university. It advises the senate and the rectorate in all matters concerning the promotion and development of the artistic, pedagogical and scientific profile of the University.

Ex Officio Members

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Holtmeier, chairperson (Rector)
Prof. Christoph Sischka (Prorector)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Claudia Spahn (Prorector)
Prof. Dr. Hans Aerts (Prorector)
Dr. Dominik Skala (Chancellor)
Prof. Regina Kabis-Elsner (Equal Opportunities Officer)

Elected Members

Prof. Dr. Thade Buchborn (for professors)
Prof. Kilian Herold (for professors)
Prof. Katharina Kutsch (for professors)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lessing (for professors)
Christoph Winker (for academic staff)
Gabriele Kniesel (for academic staff)
Jakob Boudgoust (for students)
Lotta Vochezer (for students)
Karsten Schöning (for non-academic staff)

2. Committee for Equal Opportunity Issues

The original task of the committee is to accompany the implementation of equal opportunity measures at Freiburg University of Music in an advisory manner.

Ex Officio Members

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Holtmeier, chairperson (Rector) respectively in representation Prof. Christoph Sischka or Prof. Dr. Dr. Claudia Spahn (Prorector)
Prof. Regina Kabis-Elsner (Equal Opportunities Officer)
Prof. Mareike Morr or Prof. Dr. Nathalie Meidhof (Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer)

Elected Members

Prof. Håkon Stene (for professors)
Prof. Stefan Temmingh (for professors)
Eva-Maria Tralle (for academic staff)
Eva Kalvelage (for students)
Kolja Riechmann (for students)
Lisa Broghammer (for non-academic staff)

3. Adjunct Lecturer Committee

The committee addresses all concerns and issues of adjunct lecturers.

Ex Officio Members

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Holtmeier, chairperson (Rector)
Prof. Christoph Sischka (Prorector for Studies, Examinations and Pre-College)
Dr. Dominik Skala (Chancellor)
Prof. Regina Kabis-Elsner (Equal Opportunities Officer)

Elected Members

Prof. Konrad Georgi (for professors)
Prof. Michael Hampel (for professors)
Prof. Camille Savage-Kroll (for professors)
Katharina Kegler (for academic staff)
Christina Moormann (for students)
Johanna Toivanen (for students)
Susann Junker (for non-academic staff)
Pietro Ceresini (for academic staff)
Wolfgang Newerla (for academic staff)
Bernhard Schmidt (for academic staff)
Ulrich Zeitler-Haferkorn (for academic staff)

Sessions of the senate

from 2 to 4 p.m.


Winter semester 2022/2023
19 October 2022
9 November 2022
06 December 2022 + University Council
18 January 2023
15 February 2023

Assistant to the rector and prorectors

Yoko Boyé
Room 214
Tel.: +49 761 31915-49