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The Student Council (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss - AStA) of the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg is a committee elected to represent the interests of the student body.

The AStA includes a total of eight members, three of which represent the interests of the students in the Senate. Elections take place each year in the summer semester; the term of office is one year and always begins in the winter semester following the elections. All students are eligible to run in the elections.

The AStA speaks on behalf of the students on matters concerning institutional policy, culture, social issues, and supplementary fitness and extracurricular activities.

In particular, it is responsible for the following areas:

  • Organizing student self-administration
  • Meeting with the administration and Rectorate at regular intervals to voice the concerns of the student body and discuss suggestions for improvement. Just a few of the many topics discussed at these meetings are issues concerning communication with faculty and administration, the opening hours of the school, the use of revenue from tuition, the expansion of and changes in course offerings, new equipment and furnishings for seminar rooms, additional practice rooms, etc.
  • Coordinating various festivals for students
  • Supporting mentors in supervising beginning students, also during the entrance examinations
  • Organizing extracurricular sport programs: A considerable proportion of the AStA's budget goes to the Recreational Sports Program of the University of Freiburg so that students can take advantage of its facilities and offerings
  • Advising students in all academic and life situations



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