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Further Offers

Trial Course of Study

Getting a taste of university air, gaining a comprehensive insight into studying at the Freiburg University of Music and obtaining valuable tips from professors - this opportunity opens up for prospective students in the form of a trial course of study.

Simply try it out is the motto: Who would like to make him-/herself an idea of the study everyday life at the university for music, is invited to a one-week study adventure. Here the participation in the study is possible in its entire range, which usually contains a main subject as well as the subsidiary subjects piano, music theory and hearing training, in individual cases further subjects are possible.

These introductory offers are a free help for study orientation. A registration at least three months before the desired date is necessary.

In the respective summer semester the period from the end of April to the end of May as well as the first two weeks of July are generally available, in the respective winter semester the period from mid-October to the end of January.

What to do: A short curriculum vitae with the essential background of your musical career as well as concrete suggestions for dates should be sent to us.

In addition, we would like to refer you to the detailed information offered by our university about the courses offered, the entrance examination conditions and much more on this website. We expect you to inform yourself about the offered lectures/teachings as well as the study plans before the "trial week".

For further information, please contact the Student Secretariat (Ms. Thomas, phone 0761 31915-12) or Mr. Schöning (phone 0761 31915-34).

Guest Auditor

Group courses in the area of musicology and music education are open to guest auditors.

An application for guest auditors must be submitted to the Student Administration Office by the second week of classes at the latest.

Further information can be found in the guest auditor regulations.

Associated Studies

The Freiburg University of Music offers associated studies in every field offered within the context of its regular degree programs - from major fields to the minor field of piano - in individual or group lessons, seminars, or ensembles. The participants are not formally enrolled in a degree program as students, but instead receive a student-like status which allows them to participate in general college life in addition to taking their lessons. For example, associated students may use the library, attend events at the school free of charge (or even be involved in them directly under certain circumstances). Associated students are also entitled to take guest and master courses at no extra cost.

Courses of study in detail

  • Instrumental major field
  • Voice
  • Conducting
  • Composition
  • Art Song
  • Piano Chamber Music (only as ensemble)
  • Strings Chamber Music (only as ensemble)
  • Wind Chamber Music (only as ensemble)

Plus advanced training in

  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Methodology of the major field
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Elementary-Level Music Education
  • Music Education
  • Musicology
  • Jazz/Arrangement/Score Playing or similar
  • Musicians' Medicine
  • Historical Performance Practice
  • Church Music Fields
  • Instrumental minor fields

Prerequisites for the major field

  • Agreement of a teacher from the field
  • Admission on the basis of assessment of performance level by the school
  • Admission by the university management

Prerequisites in other fields

  • Agreement of a representative of the field following assessment of specialist prerequisites

Once these prerequisites have been met, a private law contract between the school and the participant is drawn up and he or she is issued a student ID card as an associated student, allowing him or her to move around within the college like a normal student for the duration of the associated studies (although only associate students in a major field may practice in school rooms).

Duration of associated studies

An associated studies program in a major field lasts one semester, in exceptional cases two semesters, never more. No final examinations may be taken under any circumstances. The school will award a certificate detailing all of the associated student's achievements on the basis of information provided by the major field teacher.

The duration of associated studies in large group, small group or ensemble lessons is a maximum of four semesters. Associated studies may not serve as preparation for an entrance examination.

The application form for a associated studies is available here

Costs and Fee

Major field
Winter semester: 1.840 €
Summer semester: 1.430 €

Small group and ensemble lessons
Winter semester: 230 €
Summer semester: 180 €

Seminar or lecture form
Winter Semester: 160 €
Summer semester: 100 €

Payment is due in full before the start of each semester.

Application deadlines

  • April 1 for the winter term
  • December 1 for the summer term of the following year
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