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Master of Music
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Master of Music

Focus of study in artistic profile: Main subject lessons, fundamentals of electronic music, theory/ear training/musicology, counterpoint, instrumentation, elective modules

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Requirements in the entrance exam

Colloquium on compositional and aesthetic questions based on the submitted own compositions incorporating electronic means (duration: 30 minutes). Three to five compositions in paper form and (if available) recordings (CD, DVD, USB or as a link) must be submitted with the application documents.

(Excerpt from the Statutes on Enrollment; see there also the General examination requirements.)

Requirements in the entrance exam

Colloquium (45 to 60 minutes): Presentation of and discussion about the applicant's compositions.

(Excerpt from the enrolment statutes; see also the general examination requirements).

Further notes on the entrance exams (Application, Deadlines, Formal Requirements)