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Organ Improvisation

Teaching staff

Prof. David Franke

Available courses of study

Master Music as a 4-semester course of study following a relevant Bachelor's degree

Master Music

The study contents in the main subject module (two semester hours per week over four semesters) are: Development of demanding prepared and unprepared improvisations (free or according to specifications), also in larger forms and different styles and in concertante settings, as well as differentiated choral accompaniment. Also included are, depending on the students' inclination, improvisations on texts, pictures or films as well as group improvisations together with other instrumental or vocal soloists.

The final examination in the main subject module consists of a public improvisation concert.

The studies in the main subject are accompanied by the compulsory module "Music Theory for Improvisers", in which analytical and practical compositional studies are carried out, especially with regard to improvisation.

Study and examination regulations (in german)
Annex to the study and examination regulations (in german)
Degree course curriculum (in german)
Modules (in german)

Entrance exam

Organ Improvisation (main subject): Prepared improvisation as well as improvisations on given themes. One of the improvisations is to be arranged as a larger form (e.g. passacaglia, fugue, partita, suite, symphony movement or similar). Duration: about 20 minutes.

Notes on the entrance exams

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