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Master of Music
Concert Exam

Requirements in the entrance exam

A sophisticated and varied song programme (ten to twelve songs) must be prepared, containing at least one song by Franz Schubert, one non-German song and one modern song. The examination is expected to be taken as a duo, i.e. with a suitable singing partner.

(Excerpt from the Statutes on Enrollment; see there also the General examination requirements).

Requirements in the entrance exam

Performance of a varied song programme of different styles, which includes a song cycle or an opus-based work, at least two non-German-language songs and a contemporary song.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes. The examination takes place as a duo, i.e. with a singing partner who is not provided by the university.

(Excerpt from the enrolment statutes; see also the general examination requirements).


Further notes on the entrance exams (Application, Deadlines, Formal Requirements)