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Elemental Music Pedagogy

Teaching Staff

Available courses of study

Bachelor of Music

  • Major area: Elemental Music Pedagogy with a second major in instrumental- or voice pedagogy
  • Major area: Music Education for the elementary/primary level (MEP, in cooperation with the University of Education Freiburg)

Regulations, degree plans and module catalogues

Profile of the study program Bachelor of Music, main subject Elemental Music Pedagogy

Well-founded and innovative education opportunities

The job market for EMP graduates is now larger than ever before. From the very first day of study, this artistic-pedagogical course of study is characterized by practical experience. Students have the chance to gain teaching experience with a wide range of groups in various settings and institutions. This is made possible through close cooperation with several educational and public cultural institutions. The following practice groups at the HfM Freiburg enable a close connection between theory, practice and research:

  • Parent-child music group "musik1plus"
  • Preschooler and kindergarten children
  • Primary school children
  • Youth
  • Seniors
  • As well as in various music education projects
Important features of the study program

Instrumental / Vocal main subject: the contestation on one's instrument/voice forms the foundation of the artistic-pedagogical course of study.

Elemental Music Pedagogy specific subject canon:

  • Percussion
  • Movement and dance
  • Vocal training/creative children's vocal training
  • Elemental ensemble conducting and arranging
  • Process oriented improvisation
Field of study: "Music Education in Elementary and Primary Education" (MEP)

Elemental Music Pedagogy Bachelor students at the Freiburg University of Music have the option to choose MEP as their major after their first year of study. The new integrated Bachelor's/Master's program is an innovative cooperation between the HfM Freiburg and the University of Education Freiburg and aims to ensure a continuous, individual, and inclusive musical education of the highest quality from kindergarten through elementary school.

Master of Music, Elemental Music Pedagogy: Advanced Education

Study course in cooperation with the University of Education Freiburg

Regulations, degree plans and module catalogues

What makes the Elemental Music Pedagogy Master’s program in Freiburg special?

Students in the Master's program in Elemental Music Pedagogy at the Freiburg University of Music have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the diverse and creative ways of music making, teaching and learning and also get to know the field of educational sciences and topics of adult education with proven experts in these fields. In addition, Students can expand and deepen their individual artistic possibilities with their own instrument / voice.

To whom is the Master's addressed?

The Master's of Elemental Music Pedagogy: Advanced Education is designed for Students with a broad understanding of music who want to cultivate an open, experimental, but also reflective approach to creating and teaching. Those who wish to study the Master's program should have a serious interest in working with children, teenagers and adults, as an interest in the area of higher education.

Excellent career prospects

The need for qualified elemental music educators is very high. Whether at music schools, kindergartens and elementary schools, or in adult education at universities, in advanced training or in courses at universities of early childhood education: graduates of the Elemental Music Pedagogy Master's program have a near one hundred percent job guarantee.

Interested? Write us a mail (emp(at)mh-freiburg(dot)de)! It is also possible to visit classes.

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